How long will it take to log in with a GuestMaster modified Guest user account?

  • That depends on the size of the home folder of the template user used to clone the guest account, the bigger the longer. We have found that home folders around 3-5Gig are about as big as we're willing to wait for.

Why does it take longer?

  • The OS X Guest account feature works by copying the default user template each time a Guest logs in. By default, it's very small and thus takes very little time to create. Your template user may be larger and will take longer because the data is being copied each time the Guest account logs in.

Can it be sped up?

  • Reduce the size of the template user account. Large files like the iTunes Library, quantity of iPhoto images, and iMovie projects are the biggest consumers of disk space.
  • Consider relocating the iTunes and iPhoto library to a more common area, such as the Shared Items folder. You can specify the location of these folders from within the respective applications.
  • Parallels disk images(normally located in the Documents folder) is another big one. It can be moved as well.

Can the Guest account be set for auto login?

  • Yes. From the GuestMaster menu choose "Set Guest auto login..." and choose the behavior you prefer.

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