About the Voelker Research Service Dispatch Program

The Service Dispatch Program was created with you and your Apple service needs in mind.  It is filled with a variety of benefits and features at competitive prices.  You will enjoy the benefit of hassle free repair service, competitive rates and competent service help.

  • Specializing in Apple Computer products
    • Service Dispatch specializes in non-warranty and warranty Apple Computer branded products. Our Service Technicians consistently scrore in the top percentile of Apple’s Service Excellence program.
  • Most Brands covered
    • In addition to Apple Computer products, Service Dispatch can provide service for most related brands such as Epson, Hewlett-Packard, etc.
  • No quantity or limit requirements
    • Our Service Dispatch program is unique in that there are no service quantity minimums to meet, nor do we impose a limit on the number of items we’ll accept for repair.
  • Repair or Replace feature
    • In some cases it may make more sense to replace an item rather than repair it. Our Service Department works closely with our Sales Team to insure that the best choices are offered during your repair.

The Voelker Research Service Dispatch Program pricing is very competitive and easy to work with. When you submit a Dispatch Request a courier will be sent to your address to retrieve your system. It will then be returned to our shop for problem diagnosis and a an estimate of repair provided to you for your approval. The charges will be a total of parts, labor, courier fees and are based on our current Service Fee rates. (Typically, labor charges do not exceed 1 hour). Upon your approval our technicians will begin the repair process. Once complete, the equipment will be returned to your pickup location and include a limited 90 day repair warranty.

The Dispatch Repair Process


  • Scheduled Pickups
    • A Voelker Research representative will visit the customer’s location for pickups and deliveries on a schedule.
  • On-Call Pickups
    • Customers may contact Voelker research by visiting our Dispatch page or by calling 1-719-528-5596.


When a representative from Voelker Research arrives, the equipment in need of service should be disconnected and placed in a designated pickup/drop-off location. We well provide a Service Repair Order to be attached to the equipment. Delivery/pickup representatives are not qualified to diagnose or repair equipment onsite. A customer representative must be present to sign equipment in and out for dispatch service.


Customers may check the status of equipment repairs online by visiting our Dispatch page or by calling 1-719-528-5596. You will be contacted by a service technician before any work is performed for approval of charges.


After repairs are complete, equipment will be returned to the customer’s designated pickup/drop-off location.